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About the Lay It Out Foundation

The Lay It Out Foundation, the charitable arm of Lay It Out Inc., embodies the community spirit of Central Oregon.

Founded in 1997 by Aaron and Angela Switzer with the launch of the Source Weekly in downtown Bend, our roots in independent journalism have grown to include Lay It Out Events, Bend Ticket, and the annual Central Oregon Gives campaign.

Each initiative, from our vibrant local paper to our community-centric events and a cost-effective ticketing platform, is designed to support and celebrate the local community. Central Oregon Gives caps our year with a significant giving campaign, rallying support for local nonprofits and showcasing the power of community generosity.

Our Mission:

The Lay It Out Foundation is dedicated to fostering a vibrant, informed, and connected community in Bend, Oregon.

Our mission is to empower community members and organizations with philanthropy, promoting transparency and accountability through groundbreaking journalism.  This work builds a strong sense of community through inclusive, local engagement.

We strive to create a platform where voices are heard, stories are shared, and actions are taken to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Central Oregonians. Through a commitment to the common good, we aim to lay out a foundation for a more informed, and united community.

Why Local News

In Central Oregon, we’re fortunate to have The Source Weekly as a cornerstone of our community, delivering news that matters directly to us. While enjoying The Source Weekly is free for all, producing the in-depth, quality journalism we’ve come to expect is not. Now, more than ever, the value of independent, local journalism shines brightly, serving as a critical lifeline for our community, informing us, and knitting us closer together.

Community-Focused Journalism: Member support enables our dedicated team of reporters, editors, and staff to concentrate on what they do best—producing in-depth, community-focused journalism. We delve deep into local issues, stories, and topics that are important to Central Oregon.

Sustain Our Independence: In an era of increasing media consolidation, membership helps preserve our independence. This autonomy is vital for producing unbiased, impactful stories that prioritize our community’s interests over corporate agendas.

Empower Our Community: Well-informed communities are empowered communities. By supporting The Source Weekly, members contribute to a well-informed Central Oregon, capable of making educated decisions and engaging meaningfully with local issues.

Year End Giving

Central Oregon Gives is not just an annual giving program; it’s a movement that empowers our community to come together and make a real difference. Our goal has always been to illuminate the strengths and address the challenges within our community, and through Central Oregon Gives, we’ve been able to transform this mission into action by helping local nonprofits raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

A Catalyst for Change: The end of the year presents a unique opportunity to look back on our contributions and decide how we want to shape the community for the year ahead. Donations made through Central Oregon Gives serve as a catalyst for change, empowering local nonprofits to continue their invaluable work.

A Community United: When you donate through Central Oregon Gives, you’re joining a community-wide effort to support those making a direct impact in Central Oregon. It’s a powerful statement of solidarity and compassion, demonstrating that together, we have the capacity to overcome challenges and create a brighter future for all.

A Ripple of Impact: Every donation, no matter the size, creates a ripple effect throughout our community. By supporting local nonprofits, you’re not just giving money—you’re giving hope, support, and the resources these organizations need to make a lasting impact.

Local Events

Lay It Out Events is Central Oregon’s premier events company.

Lay It Out Events produces more than 20 festivals, races and contract events each year. For each ticketed event and race, LIOE donates a portion of proceeds to local nonprofit organizations. Through our beneficiaries, we raise awareness and much-needed funds for vital nonprofit groups across the Northwest. In the past 10 years, LIOE has donated over $300,000 to local charities and nonprofits.

Our Team

Aaron Switzer

Founder and Executive Director

Ann Leitheiser

Development Director


Features & Investigative Reporter